Single Family Homes for Sale in Orange CA

A stand-alone house, a single-detached dwelling, detached residence, is commonly known as a single-family home here in Orange California. There are 97 communities in Orange that have single-family homes.

Most single-family homes are built on residential lots that average 6,600 square feet in overall size. Two-car garages are common, which are attached and have a front entry that is closer to the street than any other part of the house. Single-family homes are often more desirable for a variety of reasons. There is a degree of privacy not seen in other units like townhomes or condos. The home is considered detached where the walls, floors, and ceilings are not shared with others. 

Importantly, homeowners feel a higher sense of freedom with this type of home. The homeowner can do most any upgrade or modification with the interior like repainting to remodeling. Exterior upgrades are another advantage since they have private yards. Major upgrades may require the city or association approval and often with an easy request process. 
Conversely, some homeowners, feel that a disadvantage of single-family homes are the maintenance and repair costs. This includes the interior, exterior, and everything in between. Also, amenities such as pools and playgrounds are only available if present when purchased or unless built at the owner’s expense.Landscaping and lawn upkeep costs are at the owner's expense.

Here are some interesting facts for Orange; Nearly 50% of the single-family homes in our city were built between 1960 to the 1980s.  The average annual sales volume of single-family homes is around 900 homes per year. Typically, between $500k and $3 million, Orange has a variety of styles, communities, locations, and every price in between.

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