There are a variety of Townhome and Condo communities in Orange to match anyone's desire for a perfect location.

What is considered a townhouse?
The name came from early England. It referred to a family home kept "in town" and still close to the primary residence which was in the country. It describes a wide 

array of homes but mainly a 
two-story stand-alone building either attached or detached to another. The main benefit is the amount of control and freedom to care for the home as you want. There are still rules with the association but with less maintenance and a low entry cost compared to a single-family residence.

What is a condominium? Or condo…
This style of residence started back in the 1960’s in Utah. They are private units within a large building or community. They usually share certain common areas and amenities. There are many more rules regarding what can and cannot be done by the homeowner; however, the benefit is the lack of exterior responsibility. Condos are great for their lower price point, locations within the city, and easy of ownership. In most case you can lock the door and take off on a month vacation without having to do anything.

The five zip codes are color coded BELOW for their specific area within the city of Orange. You can also Browse by Name above in the menu bar

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